Confused About The Medicare Process? Turning 65 Soon? Retiring From Your Job?

Medicare Consulting & Enrollment for Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida.

Hi! I am Sandy Anderson and welcome to Medicare Northeast! I know Medicare is complex and at times confusing and it’s important to have an advocate who can provide you with the proper Medicare education and guidance. I am a licensed, independent producer specializing in Medicare consulting and enrollment. I have 20 years of experience in the insurance benefit industry, including 17 years as a Medicare Specialist. I am fully licensed for life and health, AHIP Certified for Medicare, and fully appointed, trained, and certified with a variety of Medicare carriers.

There are different paths you can choose for Supplement and RX plans, and it can be time-consuming to evaluate these options yourself. My goal is to make the Medicare process easy, understandable, and leave you feeling happy and confident that you made the right choice for yourself.

I’m here to make the Medicare enrollment process stress-free. Whether we meet face to face, over the phone, zoom or via email, we can get your enrollment completed. Once you contact me, we can discuss where you are in the process, and the next steps to take.  Before we can discuss specifics, you must complete an SOA form (Scope of Appointment), which simply allows me to contact you and discuss Medicare. This is the way to start our relationship! Once completed, this form can be mailed, faxed, or emailed back to me and I will respond.  You can complete it online as well.

Providing A Stress-Free Path Through The Medicare Process